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Handmade pottery carefully made to spark joy in everyday life.

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A Visual Journey

If you have talked to me in the last year, you may know that I have bought some property and have excitedly talked about starting to make my own studio building. I've been wanting to share the process will instagram but felt like I needed to wait until I was finished. Now, a year later, I cant wait and wanted to share what we have done so far. January 2023, @barefootpotter and I went out to cut trees down on the property to start to process to both clear the space as well as use some of the downed trees to use as wood for the building. Took us until march to then mill this wood with a local sawmill into boards and posts for this project. After clearing the area we called in Ross to take the stumps out and flatten the area out so that we can dig the foundation to the space! It was amazing to watch. One Ross did his magic we were ready to layout the space and start digging! Stillman and I decided to dig the hole ourselves and ordered the materials to layout the foundation to call in a concrete truck to fill in the foundation. Onces to foundation was filled we were already a month into researching and figuring out our spec and had to go back into our studios and make for the fall season but came back in the fall to layout our concrete blocks to morter our first layer for the footer. This was probably my least favorite part and struggled to set them right. I felt my inexperience the most and unfortunately it showed. We were about 1" off level the way around and had to stop their for our respective sales and brainstorm how to fix the offlevel in order to kick it off in 2024 with a fresh mind and a gameplan to get the beautiful studio up and set!(and not on a tilt 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️)

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